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 elimination day has come~ pt.1 (pics, video)

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what did you think of his performance
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not good
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what the heck was that?
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PostSubject: elimination day has come~ pt.1 (pics, video)   Wed Oct 22, 2008 11:08 pm

o my god

first up: shengzhi/rope
he poppin again~
it was way better than last time's and he looked good too
haha, unlike the pretend elimination day when his clothes/style didn't match

second: dui zhang/leader
he did a monkey king lockin
i thought it was actually pretty good
(a lot of the didi's did waaay better than during the pretend elimination)

third: xiao^2
he was pretty good~
learned a lot from xiaolu, but you can tell right away that it wasn't HIS dancing.
i think he just needed to add a little bit of his own style into it, then it'll be even better!!!

fourth: our very own ABC
i know it's kinda biased since this is his forum, but it was REALLY good~ he sang NEYO's "because of you"
he didn't just stand there and sing, he moved around did some small dance moves
kicked the mic. stand... (dunno if he did get in trouble for that) was really good. i enjoyed it a lot. did you?
but... the judge thought he overdid the pronounciation.

fifth: wan zhi
did... breakin'~ w/ two of his friends
i don't really know what to say about it.. ^^"

sixth: tan ke/ tank
he sang a song called "anyone of us"
i thought his english was pretty.. okay
not a bad performance, but not as good either..

seven: ahman
they first showed him when he was learning his dance.
first was ELMO sensei teaching him, but because he had to leave, they got weiyu/toro to teach man the rest of the dance. and what do you know... weiyu was late for practice, like always.
ahman's dance was pretty good, he did a really good job of memorizing the routine

eight: yitung
he played the saxophone, keyboard, and sang a song he wrote himself
it was amazing~
but the judges thought he didn't put as much evergy into the saxophone than his singing (or was it not as much control? xD)

nine!: ahliang
i don't really know what kind of dance he was doing.. hehehe.. ^^"
but i thought it was really good~

ten... (i'm getting tired.. are you? xD): dada
if only , like andyge said, he would put this creativeness into the show.
the blew me away w/ his performance!
it was KUSO btw xD
a mario kuso.. really good.
i guess this is the dada that maodi and wangzi knows~

eleven: eason
did krumping again~
this time he had a partner.
it was an okay performance for me, better than last time

omg. that's it for this part~
i honestly don't want any of the didi's to be eliminated T^T
i've already gotten used to them. so sad.


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PostSubject: Re: elimination day has come~ pt.1 (pics, video)   Fri Oct 24, 2008 1:44 pm

I have to admit that he do overdo the pronounce XD especially in chinese.... maybe he tried too hard since he is not that good in chinese *just a opinion*
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PostSubject: Re: elimination day has come~ pt.1 (pics, video)   Fri Oct 24, 2008 10:20 pm

I didn't get to watch the Wednesday result, but I know for sure that ABC is still in. I am soo happy for him! The only sad thing is he is sitting all the way in the back.... just like Hu Yea last year... XD
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PostSubject: Re: elimination day has come~ pt.1 (pics, video)   

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elimination day has come~ pt.1 (pics, video)
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