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 prank on didi's

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PostSubject: prank on didi's   Tue Oct 28, 2008 10:36 pm

hm.. i have to say, ABC did talk a lot more in this one... kind of, i'm not sure if the thing he said about Makiyo was planned or not. but at least he did it pretty well. lol. i was really happy when they but him in the front row, too bad it's like, in the corner Sad

so in this ep.
the didi's were told that they were going to do a prank on Makiyo.
when the real prank was on them! i love these kind of episodes haha..
(btw, jiu jing shang is San Francisco not San Jose, lol. ABC said SJ)

not much, just pranking. lol. bounce
Makiyo did a very good job of acting.
so did the didi's Smile
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PostSubject: Re: prank on didi's   Wed Oct 29, 2008 5:52 pm

Why don't you put the details down?! Omg the details are the point too!!
Well I am going to EDIT it XD

ABC did not just comment, he spilled out the truth. He said that he saw Makiyo and a boy was hanging out and doing things what bf and gf are supposed to do, then Makiyo was all freaking out saying how did he know. It was hilarious.

Then someone made a mean comment on Makiyo's hosting. Makiyo said she's just open, and Lian Mien said Makiyo is too open to the point where she turns to whatever. Makiyo then said something back to LIan Mien. I did not hear what she said, but yea.

There is one part where Ah Lian, Xiao Xiao, and ICE did an inappropriate dance, and kind of made fun of Makiyo's song. Ice was the one that told Makiyo that the dirty part was his idea, and he heard the words wrong and so on. It was funny because Makiyo's face changed.

All the didi's were saying MEAN things. Ah pan and Eaton did a dance to Fan Fan's song. Makiyo asked them the reason of the song, and Ah Pan said, "I miss Fan Fan, she's better at hosting." Then Makiyo's face totally changed. It was so funny and kind of scary. Ah Pan got scared and cries XD

I have to agree, it was funny at the end. All the didi's freaked out. Haha

I knew it was all acting, but I was giving it all as if it really happened without noticing to make it more exciting!

Ok i'm done with editting and commenting.
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prank on didi's
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