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 ABC and his friends 10/27/08

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PostSubject: ABC and his friends 10/27/08   Wed Oct 29, 2008 6:13 pm

In this EP. I missed the beginning, but I still have lots of info.

This ep is about calling friends that are reliable. Every DIDI has to call up atleast one friend. Xiao Xian chose four people that has to call lots and compete to see who has the most.

Lian Mien called up a Taiwanese Actor that was not able to go.

ABC called twp Xing Guan Da Dou members. One could not come because of dentist. The other one came. It was exciting because it was the fourth place singer, and she freely sang a song. It was kind of awkward without background music, but it still sounded awesome. Also she suggested that ABC should really talk more, and it is true.

Ah Man called two directors. One rejected because he does not usually go on shows. The other one was the director for Lollipop's newest drama, Black Sugar Warriors or something haha. She came and got complimented for being the most beautiful director in Taiwan.

During the callings, Eason and Ice's friends came.

Ah Lian called Milk from Energy. Milk agreed and came to the show. He also did a dance in front of the camera on the spot. It was awesome.

Then Shen Zhi's friend came. I guess he called before, but I just missed it.

Toward the end, it was time to see out of four callers, who has the most friends. First one was Xiao Leh. He called three, Xiao Lu, Elmo, and his best friend that is a girl... *hint hint* I think that girl is his gf... haha. *jealous*.

Hu Yea called 11, and all 11 came. It was so crazy because the state was crowded. Some of the people are from his dancing club. Some of the girls are cute, but others are slutty...

Xiao Xiao called 7 people, and all 7 came, but he did not win.

Tank called 20, and all but 3 came; however, Tank won because he has the most friends that came to the show after he called.

I guess Tank's friends are all reliable.

That's the end of the update. Now comments.

I think this ep. was kind of useless because there are not much interesting things happening just friends coming over and some singing and dancing. I mean I love the singing and the dancing part, but other parts are just boring... haha....

Feel free to comment after meee, and enjoy READING!!!!
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PostSubject: Re: ABC and his friends 10/27/08   Wed Oct 29, 2008 7:49 pm

i couldn't help but keep replaying the part where ABC was speaking in english.
"hello. i'm recording lollipop right now, can you come?"
haha.. xD
it was just so adorable, but i think he exaggerated his english...... Laughing
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PostSubject: Re: ABC and his friends 10/27/08   Thu Oct 30, 2008 2:36 pm

yea other BBT members were like, OOO SPEAKING ENGLISHHHH, and yea haha. It was pretty cool. For some reason I think he felt really skinky just cuz he can speak english well ya know what I mean XD haha I do that too sometimes haha.
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PostSubject: Re: ABC and his friends 10/27/08   

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ABC and his friends 10/27/08
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