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 11/7/08 Kuso day.

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PostSubject: 11/7/08 Kuso day.   Fri Nov 07, 2008 2:48 pm

In this Ep. there were four judges that does not laugh at all because of their background and so on.
All the BBT members had to make them LAUGH!! Which was almost impossible!
There were three other guests: Ah Wei, Mao Di, and Lee Chuan.

1st ABC, Ice, and Ah Lian acted out a Da Toe Tei.
Ice was the photographer, ABC and Ah LIan has to take pic. Ah Lian fell from chair and ICE took pic. And the final pic was Ah Lian's butt pointing up. ABC was brushing Ah Lian's shirt and ICE took pic. The final pic was ABC grab Ah Lian's Boob. Then Ah Lian moved after ABC and ICE took the pic, and it made them look like tey were kissing. Then ABC yawned, and Ice took the pic. The final pic was flies were in ABC's mouth. Then ICE showed other pics of them. Some were so hilarious.
The judges said go home and eat yourself, reason was they were not that funny.
The guests were happy about it, but then some part were not well done. And their point were 11.

2nd Yo Zhi, Lian Mien, Leader.
They were acting as three old people. They were doing a commercial thing for POO medicine. Leader's hair kept on falling off. Leader did funny things. He swam on the floor when they transform into a band. Leader was in the middle, then Lian Mien and Yo Zhi pushed Leader away to be the main point. It was pretty funny.
This group was say to be the SUCK by the judges!!! And the guests say that they were not in the zone. They got 14 points.

3rd Xiao Xiao, Chopping, Eaton. Choppin was the Star War bad guy, and Xiao Xiao and Eaton was the police. The Bad guy was going to steal the gun, but the police beat him. Then they did Star War war in round two. The police were beating up Xiao Xiao. Then they said japanese. It was hilarious. Then it ended.
The judges said it was pretty funny. Was said to be in the zone. The guests said that this group was hilarious. They got 10 points.

4th Tank, Ah Man, and Wuan Zhi. They are going to do three people tiger.
They were acting retarded. Ah Man was the normal brother, Wuan Zhi was bad speech man, and Tank was the special kid. Wuan Zhi talked about his bad thing on BUS. Ah Man was going to get beat up because he said a cold joke about boobs. Then he talked about addition, and he got beat up because it was really cold. Then Ah Man got bloody nose. Then Tank talked about how he would eat. It was hilarious.
The guests said it was hilarious, but the tempo was too long. The judges had three that said it was funny, only one said it was not funny. Tank's retarded looking was so hilarious. They got 17 points.

5th Hu Yea, Yoyo, and Zien To.
They did Phantom of the Opera opening. THen they transforms into weird people. It looks really funny. They did a dance. They did sit ups, waves, Tango dance. Hu Yea was going Swing on hands. Later, they did Taiwan Techno. Then lastly they did Titanic, it was funny, but Yoyo was the boat front, he had to rise up and down. And Hu Yea, Rose, kissed Zien To, Jack, on the cheek. It was hilarious.
The judges said that they were hard working, and hilarious. They got 14 points.

6th Xiao Leh, Da Da, and Eason.
They did Spanish conversation. They first started as Da Da and Eason has conversation in Spanish, not real spanish. Then Xiao Leh walks in saying "What the heck are you guys talking about?" And then two of them said, "If you are so good, why don't you say it? How do you say Champaign?" Xiao Leh said champaign was open immediately drink quickly in Chinese. Then they said milk, and Xiao Leh said drink in one week really fast in Chinese. Both of the others was going to beat Xiao Leh up, and Xiao Leh bumped into the crown. Then Da Da got hurt, and they said, "IT FELT GOOD!" And followed by a silly dance. Then they said fruit juice, and Xiao Leh said open three days have to drink quickly. And they said Melon. Xiao Leh said it's not bigger than Watermelon fast. Then Leo Lian, the stinky fruit, and Xiao Leh said that it must be the same size as Watermelon fastly. It was hilarious. Then Da Da and Eason beat Xiao Leh up. Then they said, "IT FEELS GOOD!" Then they did a ending dance. Then it ended, and THE END.
The judges said that it was good, but it was kind of boring because everything was flat. The guests said that it was good, but they were missing some exciting part. Ah Wei then said that he was going to do example of "FEELING GOOD!"

They did "FEEL GOOD POLE" Everything was out of control because Ah Wei kept on kitting others and said that when they get hit by the pole, they will start saying, "IT FEELS GOOD!" And does the dance at the same time. Everything was so messy. It was pretty funny and fun. The last group got 18 points.

The champ. is the last group because they got the highest points.

I thought this Ep was really good because there were so many parts that made me crack up. I really liked it!!!!

Now Enjoy reading and comment!!!
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PostSubject: Re: 11/7/08 Kuso day.   Sun Nov 09, 2008 3:50 am

i think ahwei should've won that golen boot award!!! haha..
he was like.. the only that made me crack up!!!
i thought ABC's group was okay.. but most of the groups..
i thought was also okay. the first season didi's now how to be funny.
but that's because they're kinda use to it by now.
give them more time, they'll find out what's funny and what's not!

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PostSubject: Re: 11/7/08 Kuso day.   Sun Nov 09, 2008 7:04 pm

Yea, and I bet I am even funnier than them XD haha
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PostSubject: Re: 11/7/08 Kuso day.   

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11/7/08 Kuso day.
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