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 11/10/08 Mystery Revealed

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PostSubject: 11/10/08 Mystery Revealed   Mon Nov 10, 2008 2:54 pm

Today's EP. is all about revealing Hei Ren's secrets! And, who can connect with Hei Ren in MIND!!

First part, Hei Ren and Fan Fan. Are they really close?
Xiao leh made a comment saying, "You make a lot of requirements!" To Hei Ren Laughing
This person hangs out with Fan Fan till midnight, and shares secrets. Hei Ren got a little surprised and pissed. He started to guessed who it is. It was a MAN! Hei Ren got really pissed and caught on fire. Every BBT members grabbed Hei Ren to tell him, "It's ok! Cool Down!!!"
That man said that Fan Fan talks about Hei Ren's bad things to him.
BBT Members grabbed Hei Ren again to cool him down. Hei Ren has gone crazy! Hei Ren guessed that this man is the music producer, and he got it right.

Second person is a girl, and this girl said that she used to go out with Hei Ren and went to Karaoke with him after dinner. hen she said that every week they would meet each other when have time. Hei Ren couldn't guess who it was, then she walked out. She was really good body shape. Every BBT member yelled. Then she said that they used to pour water at each other to make others wet. Then Hei Ren guessed that she was a cheerleader, and she guessed Ban Ban. And he got it right. Then they chatted. Yoyo got picked to dance with Ban Ban. They danced too long, and BBT members complained. Hei Ren then scared Yoyo. Xiao Xian and Ban Ban was in the same class. Hei Ren then said that Xiao Xian is flirting, and every BBT members all holla!

Third part. Now Hei Ren has to guess Fan Fan's body information. Lian Mien and Hei Ren bet on work money. Hei Ren said hat Fan Fan's height is 171 cm, weight is 48 kg, waist is 25 in, hip is 35 in, breast is 32, and shoes, 39 AU.
ABC stood up and clapped a few times for happiness.
Hei Ren said that he would sometimes wear Fan Fan's heels secretly
They had a guest, Mia, to check answer. Hei Ren got weight right, waist right, height is wrong, she grew .5cm, but he is still right, hip is right, breast is right, and shoes is right. Hei Ren got it ALL right! Lian Mien has to go buy drink. Hei Ren was just kidding!

Next Hei Ren has to sing all of Fan Fan's songs. First song he has to sing is "Ei Ke Zing De Chu Le", he kepts on mummbling, then he has to guess one sentence, and he got it....... right!!! Xiao Leh then made another comment. Next song is "Hei Bie Pei", and he said if he doesn't know how to sing it, he is called Huai Ren. Hei Ren actually sang it with feelings, and he sang the missing part, DID HE GET IT RIGHT?!, and he..... DID!!! Next song is "Shi Fei Ti". He can actually sing it pretty smoothly, then the blank! Did he get it right?? He got stuck, then Yoyo helped him, and did he get it right??!?!!! And he.... DID!!!!!!

Lastly! He give the commend! He wants to have the producer to be in one of Fan Fan's MV smelling flowers with another producer. Then he wants firework in the MV.
Now to the special MV!
There were funny pictures of Hei Ren.

ABC was doing things, but he didn't talk much.
The MV really was HILARIOUS!!!!
Xiao Leh was being so silly today.
Well have fun reading this! Not much about ABC though!
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PostSubject: Re: 11/10/08 Mystery Revealed   Tue Nov 11, 2008 5:37 pm

I think Fan fan and Hei Ren is so sweet XD

I saw ABC doing something and I dont think he got the chance to talk either XD
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PostSubject: Re: 11/10/08 Mystery Revealed   Wed Nov 12, 2008 7:58 pm

I guess ABC is still not that open, and plus his Chinese is still not at the point of being extremely well so I guess he is keeping quiet for a while. Haha, but hope he can start the talking before another Kick Out Competition!
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PostSubject: Re: 11/10/08 Mystery Revealed   

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11/10/08 Mystery Revealed
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