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 11/11/08 Against Hey Girl Ep.

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PostSubject: 11/11/08 Against Hey Girl Ep.   Tue Nov 11, 2008 3:00 pm

Today's host is Makiyo and Xiao Xian. Today's Ep is also where BBT members go against Hey Girl. It is basically when guys can't stand girl's bad habits.

Xiao Leh first. He said that girls kept on calling the boy to ask for everything. Xiao Leh hates that. He told a story about him being out with friends, and fell asleep. Then next day, he got 60 calls from his girlfriend or girl kind of friends. He got really annoyed. Hu Yea said that even girl calls home phone every two min. Xiao Leh said that girl needs to know everything or they will have suspicions.
Yoyo commented saying besides girls, guys needs space too.
Hey girl, Da Yea said that how busy are you that you cannot even pick up a call. Guai Guai said that why have girlfriend if don't pick up phone. Girls calls because they are afraid that guys are too flirty so they want to make sure. Xiao Leh could not get come back because he got scared.
Girl and guy are both right. SO TIE!


Ah Man is next. His annoyance of girls being contradictory.
Ah Man said that his girlfriend did that to purchasing a purse. Hu Yea said that girl kept on changing her mind on buying food.
Hey Girl said that it's the guys not the girls. And Ah Man made a strong come back. Then another Hey Girl made another comment. Then Ah Man's older sister Apple said that why didn't he order more sauce if guys are straight forward. He said that that's called bully not straight forward. Then other Hey Girl said that it's not really girls that are contradictory, it's the guys. Then Ah Man said another strong come back.
Xiao Leh did something that made Guai Guai angry, and Guai Guai went up to Xiao Leh and wanted to beat him up. *funny*
Is the guy right or girl right? And it is TIE!!!!!

Ice is next. He said that he doesn't like girls being so bossy, saying that guys should do everything first. Like when the girls are wrong, he girl always tell guys to apologize. Ah Lian cried because he said that guys should not be the automatic, girls should too. Xiao Shun said that it's the guy, and Ah Man asked, "Do you have a boyfriend?" And Xiao Shun said, "Do you even have a girl friend? How would you know?!" And then Xiao Shun went up to Ah Man to yell at him. Da Yea said that it will show that the guy is really royal, and girls can be automatic too. Then when girls are automatic, it will make guys think that she is flirting and so on. Then Ice said that both guy and girl should be automatic and equally helping each other.
Is the guy right or girl? The girl is RIGHT! The reason is that guys should be more man, so that's why guys should be automatic and open.

Yoyo is next. He said that he hates girls using brand items. Because he likes to save money himself, and girls always have any money in their purse because they spend it all on that brand. Also, girls likes to show off to each other, and wants to make other jealous. Da Yea said that the reason is that the girl wants to enjoy life, and felt that they accomplished something.
Both girl and guy are right. TIE!

Ah Pan next. He said that he hates girl being picky on looks. He said that girls always pick guys on how they looks. Ah Lian said that girls pick guys based on their height too. Tank said that this girl didn't talk to him, bu after he got to BBT, that girl started to talk to him. Xiao Leh said that girls always pick on guys that are good looking.
Da Yea said that guys are the same too. Guys wants girls to have long hair, white skin, and so on. Xiao Shun said that when girl has nice body, then the guy would love it. Then when girls does not look good, the guy would be like wtf?! This is so disgusting!
Ah Pan has nothing to say because he was considered the bad one.
Then the girls are right. The reason is that girls are not the only one that's picky, guys are too. Also, when a girl is ugly, the guy does not like her. Atleast be friend and not picky.

Ah Lian is next. He does not like girls wan guys to pay for dinner or meals. Xiao Leh immediately say that after eating, the girl would try to get away from paying, and give excuses on why not want to pay. Ah Lian said that when he asked a girl out, the girl always tells him to pay for a meal. Hey Girl said that when BBT members go out and eat with Andy, and Andy was the one to pay. Then Hey girl said that when Xiao Xian asked them out to eat, the girls are the one that pays for the meal. Hu Yea said that girl and guy both should atleast pay for meal.
Apple said that she would pay half and guy would pay half. Then when a girl pays for something, the guy would think girl is being too strongish. Then Ah Man and Apple had an argument because Ah Man was being treated at a slave to Apple. The girls want to act right, and the guys wants to be royal. Sometimes, when guys does not have money, the guy would borrow from girl and pays for it. Then Ah Lian said that girl and guy should help each other out.
Who is right? Girl and Guy are both right! IT'S A TIE!

And that's the end of the EP!

There is not much ABC. I guess he does not have any complains about girls. Xiao Leh was really commenty.
I have agree on some things for guys, but then girls are poor ones because whenever girls does something, the guys would think elsewise. It's really annoying sometimes. Also, really, if I had a bf, I would call him just to talk to him, and because I like him. If I don't like him then why would I even bother calling him? Bu then again, if a guy does that to me, I would feel a little annoyed too. Haha.

Well, have fun reading, and leave comment!
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PostSubject: Re: 11/11/08 Against Hey Girl Ep.   Wed Nov 12, 2008 9:56 pm

Awwww... too bad ABC didn't do much in this episode. ><
Both the guys and girls had some good ideas... but I don't think all girls go for good looks.
Good looks are just a bonus~ XDD I dislike shallow guys though... - -;
Thank you for the summary! ^^ My Mandarin isn't very good yet (I speak Cantonese), so this helps a lot~~
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PostSubject: Re: 11/11/08 Against Hey Girl Ep.   Thu Nov 13, 2008 7:18 am

actually I think it looks more like they are not the one that picked the text in that "big tv" ? because I think it looks more like they just get picked and have to say something related to that.
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PostSubject: Re: 11/11/08 Against Hey Girl Ep.   Thu Nov 13, 2008 3:06 pm

Hummm I don't know... I guess they are really good at makings things up before they record haha.
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PostSubject: Re: 11/11/08 Against Hey Girl Ep.   

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11/11/08 Against Hey Girl Ep.
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