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 11/13/08 Go back in time

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PostSubject: 11/13/08 Go back in time   Thu Nov 13, 2008 2:55 pm

This ep has Xiao Mi and Xiao Xian as hosts.
Today's ep is going to be about going back in time and what one wants to do if they can go back in time.

Xiao Xian confessed to his exgirlfriend saying that hope she has a good life.

1st: Tank wants to go back to when he still has a girlfriend. Then he went through the door. He confessed to Xiao Yu, and he told her that he wants to go back to her and wants to be with her again. He wants to see her once again, and he said that he felt really great with her, and is going to sing her a song.
He said the reason they are now separated because of his attitude and bad habits.
Tank dreamed of his ex girlfriend often.
Is Xiao Yu able to make Tank's dream come true? Xiao Yu is a GUY?! Tank said, "Wow Xiao Yu, you grew!!" Ohhhhhh, then that guy is actually Xiao Yu's friend, and Xiao Yu wants that guy to give Tank a letter. Those three are good friends. The real reason they broke up was that Tank hurt her. Xiao Yu's letter said, "Congrats on making to BBT, I watch you everyday, and makes me miss our good times." Xiao Yu did not come because her parents did not want her to be on the show. Tank's friend said that tank's friend was the first to like her, but Tank took her away first. Tank used his friend to take care Tank's ex Girlfriend. He did not want to come to this show, but since Tank is his best friend, he came.

2nd: Lian Mien want to go back to when he is still in Kao Xhon BBT Competition. He lost a good friend, they do not keep in touch, and so on. He wants to see his friend again. He went through the door and confessed, telling the story. He said that the reason that friend does not keep in touch was that Lian Mian got into BBT and not his friend. Lian Mien said that he does not want to lose that friend just because of a BBT competition or anything. Does his friend come? And he does! His friend's name is Baka. Baka reasoned that he needed to do some other things so he does not go online. However, he did block Lian Mien on MSN for a few days because of his mood at that time. Lian Mien told Baka that because of long time ago's situation, he did not know that he would lose a friend, and hope that they can go back to the time when they are still good friends, and so on. Baka said that he did not watch BBT for a few days, but then he watched it because he wanted to cheer Lian Mien on. He even changed phone number because he did not want to talk to Lian Mien, he was totally hurt and so on. Baka performed a song just to make his dream come true.

3rd: Eaton wanted to go back to go back to his High school year. He said that he liked a girl, and that girl's friend went to his dorm to study for the test because the girl's dorm does not have A/C. Then they fall asleep, and they held hand while sleeping, Eaton and that girl. Then next day they had a discussion, and decided to be together. Then they did the same, but just the two of them. No one else in the dorm knows, then they went to sleep again, and this time it was a little more different. They had a first time! They were together for 2 months. Then after when school starts, her attitude changed. Then he found out that she likes someone else. He wants to know that if she really has been with that other guy, and did she come to let him see her one last time. Did the girl come? No one was behind the door. He knew that she would not be there. He told that girl, did you regret? Now I am Eaton! And he continues to drop F bomb to her. SURPRISLY! She came!!!!
BBT members said that Eaton is dead. Then the girl reasoned that she went to his dorm was that other went to his dorm so she wanted to join in, but she has her own A/C. She really likes his talent, but he is a little bald. HE HAS BEEN A BALD SINCE HIGH SCHOOL! The girl was the one that broke up with him. The reason was that Eaton wished to tell everyone that they are together, and she didn't want to. Her reason was that she just ended with her other ex BF not long ago, so she felt really nervous and did not want to be with anyone else.

4th: Hu yea wants to go back to when he met someone that helped him. He was an anti-social in high school. He always goes to the game shop to play online games. Then he met that friend, and that guy helped him to become a open person, to where he is now. He wants to see that guy again because that guy was like his older brother. Did that person come? That guy did come! His name is James. They have not met ever since he got into BBT. He was still a student, so they kept in touch, but since James is a worker now, he does not have time to keep in touch with Hu Yea. James helped him because Hu Yea was a nice kid and had talent. James kept on helping him because Hu Yea only has personal problem, not other bad problems. Also, he persuade Hu Yea to get involve in more activities like dancing. Then James helped him other things too. So Hu Yea is really thankful to James to change him from Anti-Social to Open.

5th: Xiao Leh wants to go back when he is in 3rd or 4th grade. His home has some personal problems. His mom and dad separated for a while, and he has to have a personal Baby Sitter during 3rd or 4th grade. He said that he is really thankful to her because she took care of her and he take her as the best mom ever. Then later, he went back to living with his parents because things are solved. Xiao Leh just wants to see her again, and thank her. Xiao Leh was a spoiled kid, and she was the one that helped her to turn the other way. When Xiao Leh got hurt, she would immediately run to carry him to hospital and so on. Did she come? And she did not, but there was a food and a gift. He ate the dish that was his favorite. He said that the taste was a same, still salty, but it was still good. She sent pictures of him when he was still young. She also wrote a letter. She wrote that she's sorry that she was not able to make it due to her shyness. She missed him too, and she always watched BBT because she still cares about him, and she loves him very much. She wants Xiao Leh to keep on working hard and so on. All of her family still misses her. Xiao Leh almost cried, it was really touchy. He is really thankful, and he is not disappointed that she did not make it because he is understanding.

I thought it was a touchy ep. ABC did not say anything and was no where in sight. However, I think this is still worth reading and knowing because they also are human, just different life level.
I finally know something more about Xiao Leh! It's so exciting! However, I'm not the only one, so yea, but still it's worth it!
Now enjoy reading and commenting!
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11/13/08 Go back in time
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