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 11/20/08 Amazing pictures exposed

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PostSubject: 11/20/08 Amazing pictures exposed   Thu Nov 20, 2008 2:56 pm

Today's hosts: Xiao Xian, Bowwow Dog, and Xiao Jei.
Not a lot of people were there today. It felt really empty.
Leader said that he wants to change his nose because he has a pig nose.
Ah Pan wants to get braces. Xiao Xian said that Ah Pan needs whole face make over.
Wuan Zhi wants to change eyes because his eyes are too close together.
Zian To wants to change his nose hole because his nose hole is said to be lose money.

Today is to have guys do a make over.


Hu Yea want to change his hair style. He has curly hair that's why he has long hair. He wants to cut it to Bowow Dog's hair because it looks cool. Ah Man said that Hu Yea looks like a korean pop star. He got put onto a face of a bald head, and he looks cute. Xiao Xiao felt that it fits Hu Yea because it looks clean. Hu Yea doesn't like bald head because it does not have man feel. Hu Yea with Bowow's hair looks girly. Only Bowow Dog can have his hair style. Then there is another one where he has the flat head hair, and it looked HILARIOUS!!! And it looks like Ah Pan. Hu Yea does not want to have that hair cut. Everyone said that he fits bald head.

Ah Pan wants to straighten his teeth. He wants an older sister because he said that his sister will be hot. He wants to be Joline Tsai if he can. Xiao Jei said that he doesn't even said his own younger brother hot. If he has a sister what would she look like? They show that she will look really fake and scary. Da Da said that if that girl has skinner eyebrow and do not smile, then she'll look hot.

Eaton wants to have more hair. Eaton said that he doesn't want Hu Yea's hair because it's too much, and Hu Yea said, " that atleast I have more than you." Eaton also wants Zian To and ICE's hair. What does he look like bald? He looks funny and bogus. Hu Yea said that with if Eaton got bald hair he will get famous immediately. If he has more hair, what does he look like? He would look like Dragon Ball Z person. Pineapple head. Da Da said that it can hide things. Bowow Dog and Xiao Jei attached a fake hair piece and a spray on Eaton, and if it did not work, they were going to cut all of Eaton's hair off. The fake hair piece was too long, and he looked weird, but it was ok. HAHA. Then he did the hair style dance that a Japanese dude did, it was pretty hilarious.

Da Da was considered to be ugly on internet. Da Da wants to change his eye, ears, mouth, and nose. Ah Man think that Da Da's whole face is not proportional. Then Eaton came in doing the hair dance again. Da Da wants to have Xiao Xiao's nose. What does Da Da look like if he was HOTTER? He looked like Mao Di, but Da Da has Prince's eyes, mouth, and chin. He does look a little better, but not much.

This next person has turned dark and who is he??? XIAO LEH!!! He looks like Luo Da Hua if he's skin tone is dark and with mustache. He looked REALLY HOT! And he is going to come out of the back. What does he look like in REAL LIFE? He looks like a GANGSTA! BLACK SOCIETY! He looks DIRTY. ABC said that Xiao leh looks like he got burnt, and someone else said that he looked like he got bit by a snake. He did popping and his lip changed. It still looks hot, but a little awkward.

Part II, what does BBT members look like if they combined each of their handsome part of their face?

The picture ended up looking like Yu To. The hair was Xiao leh's, Eyebrow was ABC's, Eyes was Leader's, Nose was Ah Man's, and the lip was Eaton's. It looked kind of weird, but it was ok.
Lollipop's combination was Wu Chun looking man.

Part III, Each of BBT Member's bad facial part put together, what does it look like?

IT LOOKS HARENDOUS!!!! Head, forehead, eyebrow, and face was Tank's, the eyes was Da Da's, the Nose was Eaton's, the Lip was Lian Mian's. The Chin was Yo Zhi's. That person was soo bad looking.
Lollipop's face mix was even worst.... it really looked like a MONSTER.

Today there were two people that did horrible: ICE and Leader!!! What a surprise!!

Oooo, someone's love is the host today ^_^ Some pictures were so HILARIOUS that I craked up so hard! Xiao Leh looked like a gangsta when he is darker... I think i still like him when he's white. Haha.
Man the combination part was soo hilarious. I swear today's ep. is all funny.

Well, that's the end of the update! Enjoy reading and commenting!
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PostSubject: Re: 11/20/08 Amazing pictures exposed   Thu Nov 20, 2008 7:34 pm

i think dada looks good the way he is. the people who call him ugly, just can't admit that they're uglierrr.. jkjk.. it's just heartless of them. because those traits came from his parents... and they got it from their parents, and they got them from THEIR parents.. and so on...

xiaoleh looks soooo weird w/ darker skin xD
i agree that xiaoma looked better...
when he was popping, his mouth was all weird.. like weiyu. haha....

it's about time they got to go back xD
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PostSubject: Re: 11/20/08 Amazing pictures exposed   Thu Nov 20, 2008 10:24 pm

Da Da actually reminded me of a singer in China. She was pretty famous like a few years ago, but I don't know about now. haha. That girl was nicknamed Doraemo since she looked like one. haha.
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PostSubject: Re: 11/20/08 Amazing pictures exposed   

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11/20/08 Amazing pictures exposed
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