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 11/25/08 Breaking competition.

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PostSubject: 11/25/08 Breaking competition.   Tue Nov 25, 2008 2:58 pm

Hosts: Xiao Xiang, Apple, and Xiao Shun.

Judges/Teachers: Hei Jiao (A Taiwan dance group that I have never heard of).

Today is where every BBT member has to learn breaking. Those that does not accomplish their goal will be OUT OF THE GAME! OUT OF BBT!!!! Yes it is serious to this point.

There are five different groups. Each group has four people. The group starts from expert to neophyte. Each person has to perform 30 seconds of solo. Afterwards, each of the teacher is going to have each group dancer. So each teacher will have neophyte to expert students. And the teachers will teach their students breaking.

Expert group: Rope, Xiao Leh, Hu Yea, and Ah Lian.
Xiao Leh did his AWESOME popping. He has a few new moves, but it still has space for improvements.
Hu Yea was out of strength. He has to do more exercise.
Ah Lian was doing waving things. He has lots of flexibility, but needs to improve on it. Then he did a breaking.

Semi- Expert group: Yoyo, Ziang To, Eaton, and Wang Zhi.
Yoyo did a little bit of a messy powerful crump.
Ziang To did a peepee dance.
Eaton did locking dance. Xiao Xian made a mean comment about Eaton being perfect for locking. He then did a little bit of breaking. He was not that good at breaking. Haha.
Wang Zhi did breaking, he even did a head spin. Wang Zhi was said to not have fully performed the moves correctly. Also, he kept on looking at the ground.
Each teachers were forced to have the students that were not that well in dancing.

Intermediate group: Eason, ICE, Xiao Xiao,
Eason did his dance, and he even had a new move call WATERMELON DANCE. All the teachers were dumpfounded.
ICE stopped after the first few part of his performance, and he even fell. IT WAS RIDICULOUS!
Xiao Xiao did breaking. It was so much better than the two before. Then he did his special way of saying hello, the head lift.
Ah Pan did a sexy dance.... that disgust me everytime I see it.
The teachers said that he has to forget about his girly dancing if he wants to learn breaking.

Semi-Intermediate group: ABC, Leader, Tank, and Yo Zhi.
ABC did his American Hip Hop dance.
Leader did his cheerleading dance.
Teachers said that Leader was pretty good.
Yo Zhi did a hip hop dance, but he forgot his move.
The teacher said that he didn't know that Yo Zhi was Xiao Jei's brother.
Tank did a weird dance. He even forgot his own dance move too.
ABC got the best teacher. The teacher was happy that he got ABC too.
All teachers were dumbfounded by Tank's dance move.

Novice: Ah Man, Lian Mian, Chopin, and DaDa.
Ah Man did locking and popping combined together.
The teacher said that Ah Man's dancing was passed down by Apple, then everyone made Apple did a solo.
Lian Mian did a novice locking. Then a little bit of bad breaking. He cannot even lift himself up.
Chopin did a locking. He was better than the before.
DaDa did waves, then acted as a dead lizzard.
The teacher said that Dada was the worst dancer ever.
Anyone that gets Lian Mian and DaDa would be the worst.

For Wai Da Li teacher, he only got one super good dancer, Xiao Leh. Others are.... umm.... no words to describe. Haha.

Hei Jiao can do super awesome breaking moves.... O.O IT AMAZES ME SOO MUCH!!!!!!! Some of the dances was so funny that I kept on thinking that they will not be helped at all!! hahaha. I doubt that Ah Pan will stop being girly and turn manly. Haha. I felt really bad for Wai Pa Li teacher, haha. Got only Xiao Leh the expert, and other total neophyte that calls themselves intermediate or semi- intermediate. Haha.

Well that's all for today's update. ENJOY!!!!
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11/25/08 Breaking competition.
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