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 12/01/08 Choosing new class president.

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PostSubject: 12/01/08 Choosing new class president.   Mon Dec 01, 2008 2:55 pm

Hosts: Ah Wei, Xiao Xiang, and Xiao Yu.

Today's episode is to choose new BBT's class president.

Xiao Xiang said talk about Ah Lian's bad habit, and Da Da was like, "He's handsome." Then everyone was like, "BAD HABIT!!!!"

There are five people that can compete for class president spot.

Xiao Leh: He's got his own cheerleaders. He even got his own cheer saying, "Vote for Xiao Leh, you'll be happy, if you don't choose Xiao Leh, then you won't be happy." He said that he's going to let all of other BBT members to have a better life, and if one is going to be late, then he's going to call a cab. If one does not have place to sleep, he has rooms and couches for them to sleep on.
Everyone said that they will be his dog.

ABC's face showed up!!! He was cracking up! BUT HE DIDN"T SAY A WORD!!!!!! What the HECK is he doing in BBT?! BEING A BACKGROUND?!

Ah Lian: He got a group of people wearing all black and looked like Black Society. He made a speech on how he'll be good to everyone, and before when he sweared and yelled at people, he is sorry, and hoped that they will work together. Then he did a special show of dancing.
Eaton went crazy because Ah Lian called Eaton BALD HEAD, so he wanted Ah Lian to apologize. Hilarious!

Everyone went crazy.

YoYo: Surpsingly, he was picked to compete for class president. Zian To was his supporter. He was rapping and Zian To was being crazy and very supportive. They were hilarious. He is a new person, but he can make other have confident. He will find free teachers for KICK OUT competition. Then Eaton said something about which stupids picked YoYo. Then Ziang To went "BALD HEAD!!"

Hu Yea: He said that he will get people at background to get out and be IN the picture. When one has problem with dancing, he will help others to get good placing and win. When one has no place to sleep, he will offer place. If one cannot finish food, then he will help finish the food. Then when one have problems, he'll get Bowow Dog to help.
Eaton said that he doesn't like Hu Yea because he has too much hair. Eaton has a lot of comments. Leader said that he has lots of talent, and Eaton said that can he sing? Huh? They were kind of arguing.

Ah Man: He was all by himself. He was sad, almost crying. He was being really really sad, saying how he is poor, and all that stuff. He bowed down on his knees and begged. He got his little sister Yao Yao to help him talk, and she was really crying and screaming his good parts. He was saying that BBT members did not read enough books, so he will go to library and get books. Then he said that he will bring in the Hey Girls to hang out with them. It was hilarious. Eason said that he will support Ah Man. Ah Man wants to go to the library because of Yo Zhi, Yo Zhi can never say the point. Then Eaton said something about Hey Girl, and Ah Pan said that he does not need Hey Girl because he is almost one himself.

Ah Wei told every competitors to repeat after him. He even said the wrong word, and Xiao Yu hit Ah Wei on the head with the book board. Everyone was messy. His third comment was funny, he said, "Everything that Andy said is right, even when it's wrong, one will think they heard it wrong." Razz Razz Then he added his own, and got kicked by Xiao Yu.

Xiao Leh said that Yoyo's group is here to mess around.

Ah Lian said that Xiao Leh has everything but time. He's going to college testing, and BBT is where everyone is out of school, then the TV display say that I don't think that is a good choice..... HILARIOUS!

Eaton and Ah Pan was going crazy.

YoYo said that Xiao Leh is not perfect. He said that Ah Lian is a fake. He said that Hu Yea is still a background. Yoyo siad that Ah Man is here to mess around because he has no talents.

Hu Yea said that Xiao Leh did not learn more than Hu Yea. He kept on talking about Prince being too quiet. Hu Yea said that Ah Lian is a cold joke. Hu Yea said that Yoyo was being the president too early since he does not have enough experience. He said Ah Man is too sad, no one will watch the show if everyone is sad.

Ah Man said that Xiao Leh has too much money, and it doesn't have any affect. He said that Ah Lian doesn't know how to make everything exciting. He said that YoYo's word doesn't hurt him because Yoyo is nothing. He said that he cannot understand a word that Hu Yea is saying, and he offered Hu Yea a chance to be in his reading club.

Everyone was cheering for Ah Man because of his offer for Hey Girl to hang out.

Who is going to be the president????

Yoyo has no vote at all... sad him.

Ah Lian is the president again!!! cheers cheers Xiao Leh was in second place cheers cheers

I think Xiao Leh will be a great President, so will Hu Yea, but Ah Lian.... eh... XD Wow.... Eaton went all crazy and screaming.... as if he was high..... eh..... high.... HAHA. YoYo was soo crazy XD haha. He had Ziang To to be his supporter and I thought that was hilarious. Everything was so funny. I swear it seems like they are choosing a president president. Haha. Man, Ah Wei is so hilarious haha. Oh man!! I swear I cracked up so much in this ep! Ziang To went crazy on Yo'ing. HAHA. Those guys are so bad! Hey Girl and BBT members are supposed to not be together!! THEY ARE GOING TO BREAK THE RULE!!!! OH MANNNNN I wanted Xiao Leh to be president!!! Ah Lian was ok..... EWWWWW Ah LIAN AND AH PAN RUBBED NOSE!!!! EWWWWWW No No I swear... I think ABC is really at the point of failing.... he doesn't say a WORD and didn't even try to say a WORD!! HE DIDN"T EVEN RAISE HIS HAND!!!!! WHAT THE HECK?!! Is he trying to really get KICKED OUT??!?!??!!
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12/01/08 Choosing new class president.
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