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 12/03/08 EASON and ICE's birthday prank part1

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PostSubject: 12/03/08 EASON and ICE's birthday prank part1   Thu Dec 04, 2008 8:15 pm

host: xiaoxiang, ahwei,xiaoyu

channalV got two girls that looked really nice to come to the show. the two have a mission which is pranking ice and eason.

first the girls were to get phone numbers from ice and eason. the first girl, tangtang, went to ice in the makeup room and asked for his autograph, then she asked if she could get his phone number. she was able to be there because she told him that she was xiaoxiang's cousin. ice told her that it wasn't a good idea to give her his phone number, but the girl pretended she was going to call someone. her phone supposedly ran out of batteries, so she asked ice if she could borrow his phone. when she got his phone, she gave him her phone number. the the 2nd girl, xiaoguan, went to the resting room to look for eason. he was asleep so she woke him up. then she told him that she was xiaoxiang's cousin and that she was a very big fan of his. then she asked if they could take a picture together. she also pretended that her phone ran out of batteries so they used his phone to take a picture. dada took the picture for them and the girl wanted to 'see' the picture, but left her phone number in his phone.

after a while the girls went back to xiaoxiang, ahwei and xiaoyu. it turns out the phone numbers that the girls gave to ice and eason was actually xiaoxiang's!!! haha... xiaoxiang first texted ice asking him to meet 'her' at the front door when they're done recording bbt. and ice replied that he couldn't because andyge said that after recording they were to go straight home, but ice smiled when he saw the text. then xiaoxiang texted eason the same thing, and he replied saying that he couldn't because xiaoxiang might get angry.

finally they started recording. they talked about how during birthdays there is always some kind of pranking. the first one to be pranked was xiaojie. and during aoquan's birthday, he was kidnapped by bbt. then they said that his time, there wasn't going to be and pranking. (mmmhmmm) so they called down ice and eason and the girls were standing at the side next to a bike which was the prized of they answered all questions and win the game. xiaoguan introduced herself and said that she came back from australia. then xiaoxiang said that they wore bikini's so she has a tan and that sometimes the bikini falls off. (that was very random). tangtang introdued herself. xiaoguan said she liked eason because he is very handsome (i agree :3)then huya told everyone that before the recording, xiaoguan and eason were acting very romantic, like when they took a picture together, their cheeks touched each other and got each other's phonenumbers. eason said that at the resting room, while he was sleeping, he dreamt that there was a girl and when he woke up, xiaoguan was right in front of him. tangtang said that she came back from japan and that she liked ice. then dada said that they gave each other their phone numbers xD . during the recording the staff are going to make ice and eason look bad/get them annoyed or angry so that the girls could be closer to them...

first round: there will be numbers stuck on the girls' body. their goal is to add up all the numbers. oh and the girls will be moving their body and wiggling.. then there'd be chinese characters on thier body and they are to guess what famous phrase it was about to answer when suddenly the microphone went off so he tapped the mic. but then the tech. guy got really mad because he is not suppose to tap the mic. because then it would break. so anyway, ice won this round. and eason's punishment is that he gets hit with that hand thingy... they hit his bare foot... which really hurts...

second round: the screen is going to show a warped picture of a celebrity and the didi have to guess who it is. the first one eason wrote his answer on the white board, but he and ice did not hold it up high enough and got yelled at by b2ge. then they reshot that part. this time when eason held up the board, it was too far and the camera couldn't get it, and b2ge got really mad at eason and said that they should just say it. so then b2ge took the boards away and started to reshoot it this time with them holding the mic. eason guess correctly and the screen showed another warped photo and eason guess that one right too. so this time ice was the one who is punished. when he was going to sit on the chair and get ready to be hit on the foot with the hand thingy, he fell of the chair! haha... ahwei said that he kind of felt bad because he was right next to ice and didn't even bother to help him up when he was falling, but he said that it was for the show.

third round. one didi will have a tissue paper on his head and the other didi has to break the paper blinkfolded with the watergun after turning spinning around in circles 5 times. first it was ice with the watergun and he kept shooting eason, so eason did not look very happy. then when it was eason's turn, he also kept shooting ice in the face. so this round no one won.

next round was a 1 on 1 pk. both had the tissue thing on their heads and after spinning in circles 5 times, who ever breaks the other didi's tissue first wins. ice and eason kept running and ice ran to where the cameras were then eason ran to a place that wasn't within the range of the camera. then the bbt tech. edit man came out and started yelling at them. he is a very good actor... he kept yelling and then said that if they were filming, not playing around and that if they keep doing that then everyone should stop today's filming. and he kept on yelling. and then b2ge said that they weren't going to continue this episode.(the camera was shooting everything hehehe... and the didi's still don't know that they are being pranked.) the girls then went to ice and eason and comforted them.
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PostSubject: Re: 12/03/08 EASON and ICE's birthday prank part1   Fri Dec 05, 2008 4:09 pm

Wow, this is so chaotic XD haha.

Sorry that I have no been uploading because I have been so busy in school Haha. Forgive me.
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12/03/08 EASON and ICE's birthday prank part1
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