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 01/21/09 big mouth vs. hit mouth

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PostSubject: 01/21/09 big mouth vs. hit mouth   Wed Jan 21, 2009 10:26 pm

host: fan fan & xiaoxiang

basically the guest was dazhuiba. (big mouth)
and lollipop formed their own parody band dazhuiba (hit mouth)
with: eaton(dancer), ABC(singer), ahjie(MC), and huya(DJ)

first part is the performance battle.
eaton vs. aisa.
aisa did one of those really 'hot' dancing.
eaton did a mixture of locking, breaking, and popping... you probably wouldn't want to see it.. it was pretty bad....

MC40 and DJzhonghua vs. MCahjie and DJhuya
mc40 was rapping while djzhonghua was ... dj'ing.. xD
mcahjie also rapped and djhuya beatboxed.
then eaton yelled out," yeah! we are the REAL rappers!!!" but the screen put up 'raper' instead of 'rapper' .. oops.. they had a typo!!! hahahaha... Laughing

henry vs. ABC
henry sang 'closer' by chris brown
ABC sang 'you are my angel' by dazhuiba
i thought they were both really good. and they both came from america!!!

part2: games

first one is where didi's face is in the camera and is mouthing a phrase.
the person looking at the screen has to guess what that didi is saying.
then the didi that thinks he knows what the camera-didi is saying goes to the camera and is now his turn to try and tell the next didi what he thought the word was. for some reason, the didi's always think it's a bad word.... and they end up with a phrase that has a bad word in it...
there is a blender and many ingredients. after they go, the winning team gets to add in random ingredients and the loser team has to drink it. No

so the first group went. xiaole, xiaen, jiantu, and yoyo
they got it wrong..... but they were soooo close to getting the right phrase!!! ><
then it was dazhuiba's turn. oh my god. they found a phrase that makes it look like they're swearing when mouthing it... but mc40 (he was the last one) got it right! ^^ flower so dazhuiba started adding in random ingredients. Smile

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PostSubject: Re: 01/21/09 big mouth vs. hit mouth   Wed Feb 25, 2009 2:47 pm

thanks for keep posting... I am having fever now so I got some time at home to watch BBT XD

and I recorded some of ABC singing and uploaded it on my wretch
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01/21/09 big mouth vs. hit mouth
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