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 ABC's Extracurricular Activities

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PostSubject: ABC's Extracurricular Activities   Sat Oct 11, 2008 7:21 pm

On Friday, BBT members had to spill out their personal information. Brag about the extracurricular activities that they each were involved in, and what awards they received. Also, the total amount that they spent on all of the activities.
ABC didn't show any awards, but he did do a lot of things.
Violin- 6 years
Piano- 7 years
Chinese Checker- 2 month
Tennis- 6 years
Chinese Camp- 2 month
Chinese traditional toy (Qhe Ling)- 1 month
Singing- 2 month
(There are more but I didn't catch them all.. Razz )
Total amount spent- about TW$6530000.
(I don't really remember how much exactly since I didn't really pay attention... Razz)

On that day, he also performed his violin skills.
To tell the truth, I thought it was just okay. I myself have learned violin for 5 years, and I thought that I played better than he did.. (not to be mean), but then I guess he was nervous and hadn't practiced for quite some weeks.

There was one guy that spend a lesson money just to learn how to turn on computer and use paint... to all surprise, it is Ah Liang, the doctor like guy on BBT. I thought it was really funny, I cracked up when I heard it, but he did learn something awesome that is free lesson, yo-yo. He could do some cool tricks and some cliche one. It was pretty much awesome.
I was surprised to hear that Jr. Happy(Xiao Leh) actually can play the trumpet, and ride horse! There are so many secrets that I don't know until I find out. That day's BBT was just awesome. Major secret or personal info. spilling day.

That is all for Friday's BBT show.
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ABC's Extracurricular Activities
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