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 mfbbt 20081013

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PostSubject: mfbbt 20081013   Mon Oct 13, 2008 8:47 pm

so abc, eason, and aman went to where shengzhi works!
first they had to try to pick up a 50kg bag of cement
ABC was so clost to carring it on his shoulders!
then they went to do some wire work or metal work
(did you see his smexy muscles? lol)
after 'work' they went to rope's house~
when they went into his room, unfortunately his computer wasn't working
so they couldn't check for anything there.
then they found.... pads! lol. i was thinking 'what they hck?"
ahh.. but when xiao xiang told ABC to sing while they were looking
he didn't.. how sad. i really wanted him to sing.
i guess he's still not used to the show yet..
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PostSubject: Re: mfbbt 20081013   Sat Oct 18, 2008 8:16 pm

Oh My God, I swear it was so hilarious! I even took notes!!!!

Yea, it was pretty sad that he didn't sing when he was supposed to be the BOOM BOX! haha.

You know ABC said that he doesn't want to live in Hua Lian because of the hard work that he thought he might have to do, and to tell a truth.... some place of Hua Lian, I think, is still under water. It's pretty sad but I think it's true. Haha.

Ah Man cooked stuff, I thought i was funny.

I did not know that Rope had so many man things haha.
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mfbbt 20081013
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