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 11/21/08 Group singing competition.

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PostSubject: 11/21/08 Group singing competition.   Fri Nov 21, 2008 2:56 pm

Today's host: Xiao Xian and Rong Jia.

Today's Ep is BBT members created their own singing group, and to see who won today's prize.

Judges: Ding Xiao Won teacher, and Energy!!!!

Energy performed their new album's song called "Lin Lai Ren Shen".

First group: Chopping, ICE, and Xiao Xiao. They sang Tension's "Our story". ICE got kind of out of tune. One out of tune will ruin the whole thing. Their biggest problem is not singing, it's them being the individual not as a group. Energy members said that they got surprised because each individual was singing their own part not together.

Second group: Zian To, Ah Lian, and Yoyo. They performed Wo Yue Tian's "Lian Ai ing". Zian To was rushing. They were pretty good as a group, but Rong Jia found out that Zian To wants to be single. Haha. The judges said that their clothing was matching, and they cannot pronounce G correctly. Their smile was 100%.

Third group: Hu Yea and Ah Pan. They did a duo singing Andy Wu's "Wo Ding". Hu Yea was a little slow and could not catch up the beat. Ah Pan was doing girl voice. It was a little awkward. They were kind of a hilarious group. Hu Yea lagged throughout the whole song. The judges said that this song was supposed to be a romantic song, but they made it into a death song. They should have chose another song.

Fourth group: Da Da, Yo Zhi, and Leader. They did Jay Chou's "The End of the World". They did harmonics. It wasn't perfect, but it was good enough for their level. They were out of tune for a few parts. They were standing tall and holding strong. This song was supposed to be heart breaking song, but they did not put enough feeling into it. They judge said that they picked the right song because of the way that they dressed, and also the way they sang it fits into it. Energy stood up and bowed to them. Also, they said that they were really worked hard.

Fifth group: Lian Mian and Rope. They did Huang Li Xing's "Cold Shower". Rope did a little dancing. We should hear Lian Mian's voice, but we could not hear Rope's voice. Rope then started dancing again. Then went back singing. Then they got ice poured into their shirt. Rope admitted that he did not memorize the lyrics. The judge said that Lian Mian looked really tired, and they were rushing. Then she made a cold joke.

Sixth group: Xiao Leh and Tank. They did JJ's "Xiao Jio Wo (Small dimple)". (I personally really like this song) They were great at the beginning and to the end too. They did harmony singing. They were awesome! Judge said that Xiao Leh's singing was pretty well, and Tank did the girl part and it's too high for him. Energy said that they were into the song. They made Tank sang a solo, and made him sing higher and higher. It was great to hear his voice almost cracked Laughing . Judge said that Tank still has space for improvement. They did not have enough confident, and if they do, then they wil be able to sing higher and higher.

Seven group: Ah Man, Eason, and Wang Zhi. They sang "Lu Bing Hua". They were dressed up as students, and did a little KUSO acting. It was cute and funny. They did dancing too. Wang Zhi's ears were red, and Eason was just "Ahh" ing, and Ah Man was doing something funny. Judge said that their group is Kuso number one. They will not get high point, but they put their full attention to their performance. That song was supposed to be sad, but they made it sound like it was happy. They did not give enough feelings. Energy said that they messed up on dancing on purpose.

Eighth group: ABC and Eaton. They did "Eian Lai (Tears)" by Fan Xiao Xuang. Eaton was playing guitar, ABC sang. They sounded awesome. Eaton did singing too. Eaton hit a super high note, and it was in tune. They did harmony, and it sounded really beautiful. Judge said that she can hear that they can sing. The judge said that Eaton has a good voice, but he often cannot be in tune. ABC has level in singing, but his Chinese pronounciation sucks, so ABC needs more practice. Also, ABC needs to control his dynamic in voice. Also, Eaton played many wrong notes on his guitar. Energy asked them if they really want to be a group. They were being kind of sarcastic. They reasoned that they were opposite, but they can overcome that.

Who is the winner today? AND IT IS.......!!!!......!!!!!!...............!!!!! ..............!!!!!!!! EASON, AH MAN, and WANG ZHI!!!!! They were said to be into their performance and did really well.

Comment: I really like the cute guy in Energy. He's soo cute!! haha, but I still like Xiao Leh. I think there are two ugly people in there, but I guess their singing was pretty good. I thought the first group's singing was kind of horrible..... it's so OUT OF TUNE that I get chills. Choppin was actually cute and tall too! I just realized that by the way.
I really thought that Xiao Leh's group or ABC's group should have won. They were singing so much better than other groups!!!! NOT FAIR!!!! Haha.

Well enjoy reading and commenting!!!
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PostSubject: Re: 11/21/08 Group singing competition.   Thu Nov 27, 2008 5:13 pm

it was not fair.. for them thats good in singing

but if they only look at singing then the other wont have a chance to win at all so it's not fair for them either >_<
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PostSubject: Re: 11/21/08 Group singing competition.   Thu Nov 27, 2008 8:43 pm

Yea I know, but I thought those three people did not do that well... XDhaha
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PostSubject: Re: 11/21/08 Group singing competition.   

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11/21/08 Group singing competition.
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